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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers found here are generally in regard to the Pequot Running Club. If you are looking for specific FAQs for the Thanksgiving Day Race/Walk, please go to the Thanksgiving Day page by clicking on the button below.
Thanksgiving Race FAQ

When/where does the club meet for runs and walks?

Sunday mornings at the Wakeman Boys/Girls Club, Southport.

Do I have to be fast to join?

We have members of all abilities and speeds. Some compete in races, others just run for fitness. Most of the weekly runs are done at varied social paces - you'll be sure to find someone your speed to run with.

How do I join?

Joining is easy, just click here.

Are there dues?

No dues, just a one-time sign-up fee of $15.00.

I am a beginning runner. Can I get some help/advice?

We have several veteran runners that can help and coaching recommendations.

What are the distances the club runs?

Distances/pace is up to each runner depending on comfort level.

How can I find out about the Thanksgiving Day Race & Walk?

Everything you will need to know about the event can be found by clicking here.